Men's Oakwood Golf Association

Men's golf at Oakwood in Sun Lakes AZ

MOGA Purpose:

1. To promote, encourage and advance men's golf in accordance with the rules of golf, as modified by IronOaks Local Rules.

2. To promote courtesy, camaraderie and sportsmanship in the game of golf.

3. To promote the further development and improvement of the Oakwood Golf Course.

Game signups: Each Friday, you get an email asking whether you want to play. If so, click on the Playing button. PM golfers additionally need to send a message which you can do at the same time. Detailed procedures, including how to cancel a signup, are here. If you have an issue, contact Tournament Chair Mark Nilsen.

Membership: The Men's Oakwood Golf Association (MOGA) membership is open to anyone who is eligible to purchase an annual membership or punch card at Oakwood Golf Course. Members in MOGA are required to join Arizona Golf Association (AGA). Handicap only memberships are available, but those memberships are not eligible for weekly MOGA events. Membership runs from January 1 through December 31 of each year.

Emails: League emails come from or To ensure you receive our communications, add both of these to your Safe Sender or Contacts list.


Important Phone Numbers:

Oakwood Pro Shop Desk: 480-895-1159 Ext 7.

Oakwood Frost & Flooding Information 480-895-1159 Ext 6.

Ironwood Pro Shop Desk: 480-895-0614 Ext 7.

Ironwood Frost & Flooding Information 480-895-0614 Ext 6.

Oakwood Tee Times (Chelsea System).

MOGA Cancel Line: 480-317-3650 Ext 1 (use only after 8am Tuesday when signups close)